Windows folder redirection and OneDrive

Folder redirection has been a handy trick for years in the world of network IT. Does moving to Office 365 change that? No – the only thing that changes is how you enable folder redirection with OneDrive compared to network storage.

Cloud Drive Mapper provides seamless drive-based access to OneDrive for Business to replace your local home drives. Now it can take care of folder redirection with OneDrive too.

Benefits of folder redirection

Your files are at a far greater risk on a local hard-drive than behind Microsoft 365’s sophisticated security. If your files are on local hard-drives they’re vulnerable to data theft, loss and malware. Whereas keeping data off your devices and in the Microsoft Cloud means that even if the device is lost or corrupted, the worst-case scenario is that you buy a new device. Normally, you’ll just be able to wipe the device and start again.


Enabling Folder Redirection with Cloud Drive Mapper

Why Cloud Drive Mapper?

  • Cloud Drive Mapper (CDM) is an enterprise-grade application with an expert team of engineers available to help with configuration, deployment and troubleshooting.
  • It’s robust and trusted by millions of users across thousands of organizations all over the world.
  • IAM Cloud are Microsoft Gold Partners, a former Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year. Plus, we’re ISO27001 certified for information security.
  • Cloud Drive Mapper is supported across a range of environments including Windows and Windows Server. CDM is compatible with VDI & VAI, including Citrix, RDS and VMWare.
  • CDM is a simple yet powerful solution that’s easy to manage, reliable and affordable. In fact it can actually save you money by reducing network storage costs.
  • Cloud Drive Mapper maps drives to OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams for full Microsoft365 storage integration.
  • CDM has a range of useful added features for both end-users and IT admins.

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