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We are a bit different to a lot of companies. We are not here to make a fast buck. We are not trying to growth hack our way to success at any cost. We are not funded by VCs or any external investors. We make our decisions based on what's important to us as a team and what's important to our customers. Our vision is not constrained to a year, or 3, 5, or even 10 years. We are here to create awesome technology that makes a positive impact in the world.

Our main aim is to create a company that works for us, rather than feeling like we're working for it. We're flexible and adaptive to the needs of our employees in any way we can be. As we're 100% remote we can also be flexible about where you work. We primarily look to recruit in the UK and Ireland but may make exceptions for strong candidates.

What you get from us: Exciting & challenging work. A supportive and caring employer. 100% remote roles. Flexible hours. Highly competitive pay and benefits.

See our current vacancies

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