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All aboard the partner ship

Ahoy there! IAM Technology Group is a collaborative company. We love working with partners to help solve their customers' problems, and at the same time to help both our businesses grow. We work with all varieties of partners from international distributors and resellers, to world-renowned IT consultants, VARs, MSPs, and even strategic partnerships with other software vendors. We like transparency - just tell us how we can help and we'll see what we can do.

Discounts & incentives

Partners receive discounts/sales margins on sales of IAM Cloud products. The amount of discount/margin scales up with number of customers our products are sold to. Partners can also upgrade their margins from us by linking to our products from their website and promoting us in email campaigns to their customers.

Collaborative & flexible

Some partners like us to work directly with their customers, some prefer to be in the middle. Some partners like to shape our tech by inputting in our product development process, some just want an occasional update. We don't have a pre-defined approach to partnership, we'll work with you in accordance with how you want to work with us.

In great company

As you might expect, we have partnerships with Microsoft (Gold Partner), Citrix, Crayon, Capgemini, SoftwareONE, SHI, Wipro etc, but we're also partnered with hundreds of exceptional partners working across North and South America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Middle-East and Asia.

Powered by Partners

Partnering with IAM Cloud offers a lot of benefits – from helping you solve your customers issues and making your services more valuable to customers, to potentially adding a sizeable additional revenue stream into your business.

200+ partners worldwide

>1 million IAM Cloud end-users are through our partner channel

Hands-on support and product training available from our expert team

IAM Cloud software helps customers better adopt Office 365 & other tech.

Co-branded brochures, co-hosted webinars & sales support.