IAM Technology Group

IAM Technology Group Ltd

With a team that spans across the UK, USA, Europe, South America and Australia, IAM Technology Group is a wholly-employee-owned tech company. IAM Cloud is our software brand. IAM Cloud designs and builds useful software products to solve IT problems. 

From garage to global

Initially formed in the UK as IAM Cloud Ltd, we’re now working worldwide as IAM Technology Group Ltd. Our company has been built on great ideas, talent and hard work. When we say that we started our business in a garage with our own test servers, we’re not jumping on Microsoft, Amazon or Virgin’s rags-to-riches bandwagon – that’s just how it happened. Now IAM Cloud has one of the largest Microsoft Azure platforms in Europe (and a pretty big stack in the US too), as well as a global team and customer base.

Full control

We decided some time ago that we didn’t want or need external investors. Everything we’ve created has been done on the backs of the skill, persistence and hard work of our employees, and the invaluable relationships we have built with our customers and partners. No investors means no mixed priorities. Just tech people making useful tech for other tech people. It’s pretty simple, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our founder, Adam Cosby, is one of the world’s leading minds in identity management and security. Every member of our team has been handpicked for their experience, passion, ambition and exceptional talent. But moreover, we’ve built a team of people-people, who’re passionate about collaboration and providing a great experience for customers and partners. We love what we do.

Everyone helps everyone

Job titles are essentially insignificant here, and there’s no hierarchy to speak of. We’re a team that works together to achieve our goals. If someone asks for help, a chorus of people respond.


Working together


IAM Cloud is a Microsoft Gold Partner

We are passionate about Partnership, and have developed many fantastic relationships with companies large and small across the world, including Microsoft, Gemalto, and Citrix. Microsoft recognised our significant contribution to their partner and customer communities by naming us the Microsoft Worldwide Education Partner of the Year 2015.

Global Team

We're everywhere. Our team works from Argentina to Andorra to Aylesbury to Australia, and from New York to just regular old York. We have 1000s of customers in over 50 countries. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services to customers large and small anywhere.


Every member of our team is great at what they do. We hire highly skilled people who love tech, innovate, work hard & smart, and enjoy collaborating with customers. There is no 'first line' in our support team, we are experts/nerds (depending on your point of view) from front-to-back.

ISO27001 Secure

Security is the central pillar of everything we do. In order to create security software you have to understand IT security concepts inside-out. We also deliver IT security solutions using Intune and Azure, and even deliver security compliance & data protection services.