Cloud Drive Mapper

IAM Cloud’s world-leading drive management tool for cloud storage. It provides secure direct access (no sync) to OneDrive for Business, MS Teams and SharePoint Online. Great for desktop and VDI environments alike.

Cloud Drive Mapper

Simple Sign-On

Our simple & secure sign-on platform. Provides single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), Surp4ss! password management, and basic identity sync & provisioning from Active Directory. Everything you need from an SSO solution without the premium price.

Simple Sign-On

Identity Exchange (IDx)

IAM Cloud is an identity company at heart. With IDx you can connect & sync identities across all kinds of systems, allowing the full automation of the Joiner, Mover and Leaver process. IDx integrates with on-prem and cloud HR, MIS and directory systems.


The IAM Cloud Philosophy

From simple utilities and add-ons to powerful fully-featured platforms, we love creating software that solves painful problems. Our products are designed to make managing IT in the cloud simple and enjoyable. Fully employee-owned, IAM Technology Group Ltd (IAM Cloud) is not like most VC-backed SaaS companies who relentlessly hack their way to growth. We go in our own direction, grow at our own pace, and put customers, not investors, at the top of our priority list.


Every piece of software we create is universally useful. It solves problems, regardless of whether your organization is a bank, a charity or a government. We have customers of all sizes - from 5 users to nearly 500,000 users - in over 50 countries around the world.


IAM Cloud is ISO27001 certified. Security is at the heart of everything we do. All our products play a role in IT security, and our services division TunedIn provides expert security and GDPR consultancy.


We don't believe in 1st line support. We only ever recruit experts because we want customers to get exceptional support. Every member of our team - even our business managers - have regular hands-on experience with our technology and customers.


We love partnerships. We were Microsoft's Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2015. And all our technology is co-created: We get inspiration and feedback, and our customers get software that fits like a glove.

"The best qualities of IAM Cloud are the people and philosophy. With IAM Cloud, I'm a customer, a partner and a friend. I think we were lucky to find IAM Cloud at the time we did. In the few years we’ve worked together, we’ve evolved a lot and grown a lot, and IAM Cloud has been growing right along side us. IAM Cloud has been at the forefront of our whole cloud strategy."

Justin Moses
Director of Data Center Operations, Barry University

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IAM Cloud is much more than technology.
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Serious about security – ISO27001 Certified

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