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Cloud Drive Mapper

Cloud Drive Mapper is the globally leading drive mapping solution for cloud storage, and it will soon be getting much much better. Moving away from WebDAV, our upcoming drive mapping solution is faster, stronger and much more capable than ever.

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Simple Sign-On

Simple Sign-On has everything you need in an SSO platform, from enterprise single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to password reset and identity provisioning. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Simple Sign-On can help you seamlessly adopt the cloud, increase your security, minimize productivity loss, improve user experience, and save you time. That’s a lot of wins for not a lot of money.

IAM Cloud SSO, Simple Sign-On, MFA
IAM Cloud SSO features
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Cure your password headaches. Surpass allows users to securely reset their passwords themselves from a web browser via SMS, security questions or back-up email account – it then securely synchronizes the new password back to your Active Directory keeping everything nicely up-to-date.

Surpass Surp4ss! Remote password reset and writeback for Active Directory
Surpass password reset features
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IDx (The Identity Exchange)

Connect your HR system to your Active Directory, or sync your custom application with your CRM, or join your MIS to Office 365. Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning, attribution processing, email account creation, and notifications for users, managers and IT. Manage your full joiners, movers and leavers process from a single central dashboard.

IDx Identity Exchange, SaaS Identity Sync
IDx identity sync features
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Lift&Shift takes the strain out of Office 365 migrations whether you’re migrating to-the-cloud from Exchange or cloud-to-cloud between Office 365 tenancies. Targeted by identity and powered by the cloud, Lift&Shift is capable of massive scale migrations with minimal stress.

Lift&Shift IAM Cloud Office 365 tenant to tenant migration
Lift&Shift Office 365 migration features
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Cloud Winch

Cloud Winch is the quickest and easiest way BY FAR to get your network home drives into OneDrive for Business. Simply install the client on a local network server, follow the simply step-by-step instructions. No need to mess around with manual config or CSVs, Cloud Winch integrates with AD, Azure AD and OneDrive to create an incredibly simple and intuitive workflow. Combine with Cloud Drive Mapper for a full network home drive replacement! Additional discounts available when purchasing the Mapper & Winch together.

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