Cloud Drive Mapper v2.15 (Major Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Cloud Drive Mapper 2.15 add a number of bug fixes and improvements, and we expect it to be one of the last major stable releases until we move to our new next generation client.

“Do we need to update?”
It’s not a critical release so use your judgement, but we are recommending customers to update to this major release for ongoing supportability benefits.

Full Release Notes


  1. Fix to the process flow so Cloud Drive Mapper retrieves the username as early as possible, which avoids a number of potential downstream issues.
  2. We now support Shared Team Channels in full converge mode
  3. Drives listed in ManageDriveBlockDriveList now show in the blocked menu within manage drive
  4. CDM now writes event logs with the Cloud Drive Mapper source
  5. We now look for LicenceKey and LicenseKey in the registry
  6. We have improved the installation GUI text and information
  7. WebView2 is now the default
    1. MasterSettings = 4 (EnableWebView) has been deprecated and will no longer be honored
    2. MasterSettings = 8388608 (RevertToWebControl) has been introduced for customers wanted to still use the legacy webControl
  8. Improved the cache management of the WebView2 to avoid large amounts of data being generated and persisted on the machine beyond the life of the CDM session


  1. Corrected the German spelling of document on folder redirection to Dokumente
  2. Fixed an issue when writing to event viewer
  3. Fixed an issue preventing Windows set to Turkish and other non UTF8 languages from activating the licence
  4. Issue with network drives occasionally not showing with the correct label
  5. Issue with network drives that are deep linked showing the folder name as the label instead of the correct label
  6. Fixed spelling errors in installer


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