Why choose IAM Cloud?

IAM Cloud is a generation of technology ahead of most other identity and access solutions, and is one of the only solutions that handles IAM entirely in the cloud without any on-premises system requirements. The IAM Cloud platform has unlimited extensibility, customisation, scalability and control for partners and customers.

IAM Cloud also provides many amazing features that simply aren’t available anywhere else. We stand head and shoulders above our competition with our vision, innovation, and customer-focus. If you’re still not convinced, see how we stack up against two of the major alternative identity providers below.

Compare features

IAM Cloud PlatformAzure AD + AAD Connect + ADFSSector leader
Identity provisioningYesYesYes
User Lifecycle ManagementYesYesYes
Full identity integration with MIS & databasesYesLimited and needs additional systemsLimited
Identity for external users (e.g. customers or alumni)YesBetaYes
Federation for unlimited applicationsYesYesYes
Single Sign OnYesYesYes
Requires extra servers or VMsNoYesNo
Active Directory backupYesNoYes
Single points of failureNoYesFor AD & On-Premises Users
Self-service password resetYesYesYes
Password Reset from WindowsYesNoNo
Multi-factor authenticationComing soonYesYes
SSO without a portalYesNoNo
SSO on non-federated platformsYesNoNo
99.95% Uptime & SLAYesDepends on hardware or VM maintenanceYes
Active Directory MigrationYesNoNo
Email MigrationYesNoNo
File MigrationYesNoNo
Automated Microsoft LicensingYesNoNo
Storage integrationYesNoNo
Session Timeout ControlYesNoNo
Interactive Login ChannelYesNoNo
Customer success programmeIncludedNo. Premium ExtraNo. Premium Extra