At IAM Cloud, even our login box is smart. It isn’t just a static sign-in box that you might expect. It is a fully extensible login and engagement system. We call it TouchPoint – it’s the physical interface between IAM Cloud and the end users. TouchPoint has been designed to incorporate modules like MFA, Password Reset, and Messages.

The reality is that the login process is a gate between your users and their end applications. With TouchPoint, you become the gatekeeper. If you want your users to accept a new EULA, or update their contact information, or do some training, or take a survey. Or literally any business process you can imagine that can be digitised – TouchPoint can make it happen.


There are two key moments we can interrupt in the Login flow… The first point is as the user enters their email address. As they type their email address, we can send them targeted notifications through TouchPoint. This could be that a building is closed due to a flood, or that a meeting has been cancelled, or that the application is scheduled for maintenance.

The second more-powerful moment is after the user enters their password. Now we are confident we know who the person is, so we can prompt them with more sensitive information and get them to undertake a business process.

When you need to reach a user or group of users with a specific message or action, TouchPoint is a powerful engagement channel. We can physically stop the user from accessing their services until they complete an action or read a message. In a world where people are swimming in messages, emails, adverts, there needed to be a way to cut through the noise and get the critical messages through…