Remote password reset for Active Directory

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Secure browser-based password reset for Active Directory

Forgotten passwords can be a real pain. Providing your users with the autonomy to be able to securely reset their own passwords is more convenient for users (especially when they're working remotely), and it significantly reduces the burden on your IT helpdesk. Surpass allows users to safely reset their password through a customer-branded web portal, and it then securely syncs the new password back to your Active Directory. It's simple but very effective at keeping your remote workers happy and productive.

Secure password reset

Password reset via SMS, security questions or alternative email address - you control which options are available to your users.

Active Directory write-back

With Azure AD you need the pricey AAD Premium 1 license to do AD write-back. Alternatively just use Office 365 + Surpass together and save $$$.

Password policies & management

Set password policies for length, complexity, banned words and with custom regex. Let your users manage passwords in our portal.

Customer-branded web portal

Our portal can be customer-branded, including colors, background, logos, text and language. The URL can also be C-Named to your domain.

Password link distribution & API

Surpass can be used to distribute passwords to new users, which can be triggered based on automation rules or through our API.

Simple to use & fully supported

Surpass is fully supported, including assisted on-boarding, extended-business hours support, 99.9% uptime, and 24/7 critical support.

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Surpass is a simple user-friendly add-on that works seamlessly with Active Directory and Azure AD

For very little cost and effort you can solve a major headache. See for yourself…

Stop Murphy’s law of passwords striking your users when they have an urgent deadline.

Reset passwords from anywhere, anytime

More than 1 million users protected

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