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No one ever regrets keeping things simple

Simple is good. Simple means reliable, fast, affordable and easy to use. Add 'secure' to the list and you have the recipe for a great single sign-on platform. If you're looking for a platform to centralize access and security to all your cloud applications - and want big performance for a little price - rejoice! Your search is over. With full support for SAML2.0 & LDAP, Simple Sign-On has everything you need, and it comes with fantastic hands-on support delivered by our own expert team.

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simply sign-in to your domain-joined machine and go straight to your apps. No app dashboards, just direct access from your desktop or browser

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Protect your identity and applications from phishing and brute-force attacks with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) via SMS code and security questions

Surpass Password Reset, AD Write-back & Policies

Allow your users to securely reset their password online to increase their autonomy & reduce the burden on your helpdesk

Identity sync & account provisioning

Our software agent securely syncs data between your Active Directory and our cloud platform to automate account provisioning & deprovisioning

Custom branded login pages & user notifications

When accessing your cloud resources from off your domain - we provide the doorway. But it's dressed up as your organization not ours.

Full Support & Assisted Onboarding Included

87% of our customers rate our customer support 'excellent'. We go the extra mile every time from initial onboarding to day-to-day support.

Simply secure.

Simple Sign-On is secure, reliable and has everything you need. No bloat. No waste. No bells. No whistles. Just the useful stuff.

With over 1 million authentications per hour, Simple Sign-On is the platform of choice for organizations large and small who want to securely adopt the cloud but don’t want to break the bank.

Simple seamless access to the cloud

Significantly boost your IT security

Rock solid 99.9% minimum uptime

More than 2 million active users in >50 countries