The ultimate Home Drive to OneDrive for Business solution


Part 1) Cloud Winch automates the migration of your network storage to OneDrive for Business.

Part 2) Cloud Drive Mapper maps the drive letter to OneDrive instead.

Boom! In two easy steps you can pull-off a major switcheroo of network to cloud storage without a single change to your user experience.

So, let’s say on Thursday afternoon, your users save their work to their H:\ drive on network storage. On Friday morning, they sign in and retrieve their docs on H:\ and carry on where they left off. But now, they are “in the cloud”.

We’re talking about potentially the biggest IT transformation imaginable with almost no noticeable user impact at all. And, we make it easy.


Cloud Winch

Cloud Winch is a simple server client that automates the full end-to-end process of migrating your home drive data to OneDrive for Business. It integrates with Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, IAM Cloud’s IDx identity connector service, Office 365, and IAM Cloud’s Lift&Shift migration platform.

You can complete the whole end-to-end migration process in a few clicks. You don’t need any CSVs, any scripts, you don’t need to export URL paths and try to associate them with users. Everything is automated. Once Cloud Winch is primed and the migration triggered, you can just leave it running and come back when it’s complete. In fact, we’ve created a Microsoft Teams bot that produces regular reports, so you can keep track of progress wherever you are.

We’re honestly not exaggerating about how easy it is.

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Cloud Drive Mapper

When the data from your home drives has been copied into OneDrive for Business, you’re ready to re-map your drives. The first step is to disable the policy applying the existing drive mapping. You then need to decide on your drive settings. And finally, you just need to deploy the Cloud Drive Mapper MSI and license registry-key. Here’s a video showing how you to do it:

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The Winch & Mapper

We’ve created Cloud Winch and Cloud Drive Mapper to make moving your files to the cloud as easy as physically possible, while causing no impact to your users. We’ve also made both products really affordable.

As we’re in the middle of a global recession and the need to enable remote working has never been greater, we’re offering discounts for when Cloud Drive Mapper and Cloud Winch are purchased together.

Want to move your files to the cloud? Start the ball rolling today.



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