LDAP and the cloud

LDAP might be a bit of a distant memory for organizations able to embrace the cloud with open arms. But many thousands of important systems still use LDAP to authenticate. Maintaining support for these applications while trying to move applications, infrastructure and data into the cloud poses a whole new challenge.

Several companies have answered this challenge – Okta, OneLogin & MS Domain Services spring to mind. But they are all also pretty expensive and come bundled with a lot of features you probably don’t need.

Simple Sign-On

We like to keep things simple. This is why we created Simple Sign-On (SSO) – a highly resilient cloud-based single sign-on solution that as all the features you need (and none of the features you don’t). By keeping Simple Sign-On lean, we keep its price low.

Simple Sign-On provides secure seamless LDAP authentication to any system, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to get set-up. With Simple Sign-On, you can also apply MFA and other security features to your LDAP (and SAML) compatible apps too.

If you wanted to take this a step further, you could combine Simple Sign-On with IDx (The Identity Exchange) and remove your Active Directory altogether. IDx could become your cloud directory, or at least act as a synchronization bridge between your HR/MIS system and Azure AD, removing much of the need for an AD.

Strong security

IAM Cloud is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Our Simple Sign-On platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure with stacks in the EU, UK, and USA (with more coming). You can choose the stack location to help maintain data residency requirements from GDPR and other regional data protection regulations.

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