Self-Service Password Reset reduces the burden on your IT Helpdesk

When a user forgets their password in an organisation they need to contact their IT department to reset it. This is a secure solution to a common problem, but it can be a time consuming process for IT teams and help desks to manage.

The IAM Cloud password management tool allows your users to reset their own password in the cloud. This is managed by your IT admins through our identity and access management platform.

This means that organisations can reduce the burden of forgotten passwords on their IT services without the need for purchasing and implementing additional services. Passwords are updated both in the cloud and on your on-premises Active Directory to ensure they remain in sync. IAM Cloud has a solution for users who want to update their known passwords, and for those who have forgotten their passwords.

Known Password Reset

Specified users can quickly and easily update and manage their passwords in the cloud, as they log-in. Different permissions can be set for different groups of users with the ability for white/black listing IPs.

Forgotten Password Reset

Users can reset their own forgotten password by answering a number of predefined security questions, via email links sent to a backup email address, or with a reset code sent via SMS message.

Advanced Password Reset

Exclusive to IAM Cloud, this allows users to reset their password on a domain joined machine without needing access to a web browser, directly through the login screen from the login GUI.


Securely synchronise Active Directory users and identities from other source systems into the cloud.
Extract data with all core identity information and hashed passwords.
IAM Cloud handles rule-based identity provisioning and single sign on to applications.
IT admins enable password reset feature through the IAM Cloud portal.
Once enabled, users are asked to provide alternative mechanisms for password reset which are saved to the cloud.
When a new password is created it is instantly written back to Active Directory and synced back to the cloud.



  • Reduce a major burden on the IT team and free up valuable resources
  • Simplify and speed up resetting a forgotten password
  • Empower users to proactively and securely self-reset their passwords with ease
  • Set questions which are comfortable and relevant to answer like mother’s maiden name or name of pet
  • Allow users to reset their domain login passwords from anywhere
  • Provide everyone with a better IT experience
  • Enable greater password autonomy for users during out-of-hours
  • Reduce 40% of help desk requests from forgotten passwords


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