Self-Service Password Reset from the Windows 7, 8 & 10 Login Screen

Cloud-based password reset systems all have 1 critical weakness: If you’ve forgotten your domain password, how do you get through the Windows login screen to reset it through a web browser?

IAM Cloud’s advanced password reset system allows users to reset their password on a domain joined machine before they’ve logged into Windows – completely solving this issue!

IAM Cloud SSPR plus Password Reset from Windows Login create complete coverage for password reset, reducing a major burden to the IT Helpdesk and providing a more convenient experience for users. Industry research suggests that forgotten passwords can contribute up to 40% of help-desk requests and on an average each change password ticket consumes about 20 minutes of time, which can be frustrating to staff and cost organisations significant amounts of wasted time and money. Allowing users to reset their own passwords provides everyone with a better IT experience and frees up valuable resources.

Quick, simple & effective

Simplify and speed up resetting
a forgotten password

Better user experience

Enable greater password autonomy
for users during out-of-hours

Less time & money wasted

Reduce 40% of help desk requests
from forgotten passwords

Password Reset from Windows Login – How Does it Work?

In the IAM Cloud admin portal you can enable self-service password reset via security questions, email and SMS, and configure password policies & lock-out features.
Add reset password to the Windows Login interface through an .exe or .msi app that’s easily distributed through AD GPO, and runs on Windows 7, 8 & 10 machines
When a new password is created it is simultaneously written back to Active Directory and the IAM Cloud vault to ensure cloud and on-premises services remain in sync.