Office 365 is fantastic, but deployment still provides IT teams with a challenge. IAM Cloud provides an end-to-end solution to support Office 365 onboarding and management.

IAM Cloud makes Office 365 onboarding quick, simple and affordable. With IAM Cloud you don’t need to implement your own DirSync servers, or ADFS, or MIM, or Azure AD Premium, or Proxies, or your own monitoring systems. IAM Cloud does all of the account provisioning, licensing, federated access, single sign-on, password reset, monitoring and service up-keep. IAM Cloud can even to the data migration from legacy Exchange servers in the first place.

While Microsoft does provide its own tools to support Office 365 onboarding, IAM Cloud is less expensive TCO, less of a burden to manage, and is supported 24/7 by a team of specialists who become an extension of your own IT Team. IAM Cloud also has a range of features that are unavailable through Microsoft including Cloud Drive Mapper (which allows you to map drives to your OneDrive for Business & SharePoint storage), SharePoint Timeout, and an Email and File Migration Suite.

Over 3 million Office 365 users worldwide

Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner Company

Microsoft Worldwide Education Partner of the Year

ISO 27001 Certified for Secure Office 365 Deployment

Automated Licensing and User Provisioning

IAM Cloud also supports Office 365 licensing and un-licensing.  The licensing engine benefits from the control of our classifications system.
IAM Cloud uses an agent, which typically runs on the Domain Controller, to flow attributes between on-premises systems.
Once set up, it will begin synchronising users and other AD objects into IAM Cloud.  Users can then automatically be provisioned into Office 365.
IAM Cloud can on-board Office 365 to a large organisation with many thousands of users in a few simple steps.


The IAM Cloud platform performs massive-scale migrations with exceptional levels of control and convenience, and with completely seamless cut-overs.
Our Migration Services are available to partners and customers, where it can be delivered as a full managed service.

Active Directory

Our platform ingeniously uses the cloud to
securely flow identities and other objects
between AD domains & forests.


Exchange Server to Office 365

Migrations with full account manager support can take place on demand and cause no interruption to services for end users.


Cloud to Cloud

IAM Cloud can migrate accounts from one Office 365 tenancy to another, or from G-Suite to Office 365


Maximise Adoption with Our Complete Office 365 Onboarding Suite

Federation & Single Sign-On

Don’t worry about ADFS. IAM Cloud excels at Single Sign-On, and has a range of SSO features. Desktop SSO allows users to log-in to their workstation, click a shortcut and be instantly taken into Office 365. If your organisation has a portal or Intranet, we can imbue it with our SSO powers, and transform it into a Single Sign-On portal to rival any other.

Cloud Drive Mapper

Cloud Drive Mapper maps drives to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. It works with AD GPO and ADFS (or IAM Cloud’s federation service) to provide the user experience and administrative control of network storage, with the cost benefits of the cloud. Both reliable and persistent, it works on Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Sharepoint Session Timeout

By default, SharePoint has a fixed session timeout duration. IAM Cloud provides organisations with total control over session timeout for SharePoint and SharePoint Online. There’s no client install and no add-ons, session timeout control is achieved entirely through IAM Cloud’s control of the SAML authentication process, so it works on any device.