Office 365 Identity Management

Cloud-Based Identity Management, Account Licensing & Single Sign-On for Office 365

No maintenance. No upgrades. No need for additional infrastructure, Windows Server licences, ADFS, web proxies, load balancers, MIM, SQL Server, PowerShell, Azure AD Premium or Dirsync. IAM Cloud does everything for a lower total cost & much less hassle. 

IAM Cloud makes the implementation and management of Office 365 quick, simple and affordable. Everything is powered through the cloud, so there is no need for any additional infrastructure. IAM Cloud integrates with Active Directory as a source for users, as well as a range of HR, SIS, MIS and database platforms.

IAM Cloud takes care of all of the account provisioning, de-provisioning, licensing, federated access, single sign-on, self-service password reset, access control, performance monitoring, and service up-keep. IAM Cloud is less expensive TCO, less of a burden to manage, and is supported 24/7/365 by a team of specialist engineers who become an extension of your own IT Team.

While IAM Cloud is simple to manage, it is also advanced. IAM Cloud excels in complex infrastructure where there are multiple AD domains and/or Office 365 tenancies. IAM Cloud also works excellently for users based on-prem, e.g. in an Active Directory, but also cloud-only users. This makes IAM Cloud particularly useful for organisations who want to support users both within and external to their organisation – e.g. a University, which needs to support staff and students internally, and Alumni and Applicants, externally.

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Office 365 Identity Management & Account Provisioning without Dirsync or MIM

IAM Cloud uses an agent, which typically runs on the Domain Controller, to flow attributes between on-premises systems.
Once set up, it will begin synchronising users and other AD objects into IAM Cloud.  Users can then automatically be provisioned into Office 365.
IAM Cloud can on-board Office 365 to a large organisation with many thousands of users in a few simple steps.

Unlike with ADFS, IAM Cloud completely centralises identity and access in the cloud. This gives IAM Cloud a fundamental advantage in being able to support complex and dynamic infrastructure environments. Through the IAM Cloud Admin Portal it’s easy to manage identity and access management for tens or even hundreds of Active Directory forests and/or Office 365 tenancies. This is perfect for organisational groups like Multi-Academy Trusts, School Districts, Multi-National Businesses and Charities, Retail and Hospitality Chains, and large conglomerates.

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Automated Office 365 Licensing without MIM or PowerShell

Automated Licensing Reduces Manual Workload and Saves Time.
Licence Intelligently Based on Group or Attribute to Give Each User What They Need.
Automatically Un-Licence When User Leaves to Reduce Wasted Costs.

Federation and Single Sign-On without ADFS

Don’t worry about ADFS. IAM Cloud excels at Single Sign-On and access management. Desktop SSO allows users to log-in to their workstation, click a shortcut and be instantly taken into Office 365. If your organisation has a portal or Intranet, we can imbue it with our SSO powers and users can get direct access from your existing portal on any device. IAM Cloud also has a range of access security features, including MFA and Login Control. And the whole login and password management experience can be fully branded as your organisation – IAM Cloud can stay completely hidden.

Another advantage over ADFS is that IAM Cloud handles authentication in the cloud, meaning if there are any issues on-premises such as a hurricane wiping out your data centre and Active Directory & Domain Controller (see post), then IAM Cloud keeps going ensuring access to Office 365 and all your other applications throughout.