• Active Directory, Email and File Migrations as a Service
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The IAM Cloud platform performs massive-scale migrations with exceptional levels of control and convenience, and with completely seamless cut-overs. Our Migration Services are available to partners and customers, where it can be delivered as a full managed service.

Identity mismanagement is one of the main culprits for migration failures. Migrating from one system to another is technically relatively easy; making sure the assets and data all stay attributed to the right users and managing the cut-over from one system to another is where problems occur. This is where IAM Cloud excels. Our identity-powered platform delivers highly customised migration solutions to meet the precise migration requirements of each project, and it’s all delivered in the cloud at your convenience.

Zero Downtime

Our unique cutover method results in a
seamless experience for users – even
when aggregating through groups

Cost Effective

Thanks to the unique way we deliver
migration services, you save a fortune
compared to other providers

Unlimited Scalability

IAM Cloud scales to handle projects
of any size, without having to take
any of your systems offline


Complexities of Migrations

Migration projects are notoriously challenging, error prone and expensive. The critical areas of a migration relate to identity, access, security and data quality validation. Without the right expertise they can quickly become long, complicated and nightmarish projects.

  • Escalating costs from initial planning and scoping
  • Managing the precise timing and targeting of migrations
  • Migration of individual sub-units, like an OU, or users with a specific property
  • Inconsistent or poor data quality in legacy systems
  • Highly complex data structures and business requirements
  • Understanding cross-object dependencies
  • Attribute joining from merging of multiple systems
  • Effectively management of mid-migration data changes
  • Creating a seamless and error-free cutover when switching from old systems to new

Start your Migration Journey

Active Directory Migration

Active Directory is one of the most important components of IT infrastructure and one the most secure. Consequently, Active Directory migration has the potential to be very challenging. Not any more…

Email Migration

IAM Cloud takes the burden out of email migration. If you want to migrate, split or consolidate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenancy to another, or if you’re looking to move mail service entirely, e.g from Google to Office 365, then IAM Cloud can help.

File Migration

Moving files from one network server to another is relatively straightforward, but migrating your whole organisation’s file system from OneDrive to Google Drive is another matter. Luckily, IAM Cloud makes it simple.