Login Control

Login Control is the ultimate identity-powered security solution that gives IT Teams and Administrators ultimate control over their IT. IAM Cloud doesn’t just have control over who can access what. Our platform has unparalleled control over the entire authentication flow. Meaning, with IAM Cloud, you will be able to manage who can access what – how, where and when. IAM Cloud gives you amazing levels of control over your IT.

Login Control is a really intuitive and user-friendly feature that allows IT Administrators to easily, powerfully and intelligently manage user access across their whole organisation with just a few clicks. Enterprise Single Sign On can be activated across your organisation with a single slider.

IAM Cloud Login Control SSO Security

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With a few clicks of a mouse within our Portal you can manage device and operating system (O/S) control, browser control, and IP control (including whitelisting and blacklisting). We will very shortly be adding geographic control and time control to Login Control, to complete one of the most powerful identity management systems on Earth.

IAM Cloud Login Control Identity Management Security IT Single Sign OnBrowser and O/S control allow you to enable/block access from different operating systems and Internet browsers. You may wish for people to access your systems using Firefox, but not Chrome, because of an application compatibility issue. And you may want to block access from Linux entirely. IP control gives IT Admins the capability of granting access to, or blocking users from, specific IP addresses, or enabling features like Single Sign On based on IP. Your organisation may be spread across several locations, with a range of IP addresses – with IAM Cloud you could block access to core systems from IPs outside of that range.

IAM Cloud’s geography and time controls do as their names suggest – they give Administrators control over the physical geography of where users are logging in from. You may want to block certain countries you feel cyber security threats could emerge from, or even all countries except those you actively operate in. With time control, you may wish to shut down access to certain systems through the night, either as a security precaution, or as part of a policy to discourage the practice of ‘all nighters’.