Integrating Workday into your identity management workflows

For a long time the ‘source of truth’ for identity data has been Active Directory, which is normally under the authority of the IT Team. However, it’s the Human Resources (HR) department that is responsible for recruitment, contract changes, promotions, absence, secondments and finally departure. Using your organisation’s HR system as a source of truth for employee identity data makes a lot of sense. Workday is a leader in Human Capital Management, Payroll and Student Information software. Workday’s cloud-based applications support over a thousand of the world’s top organisations.

Automated provisioning for new users, updates, and deprovisioning for leavers

One of the most simple, yet still hugely beneficial, processes in an identity management system like IAM Cloud, is the ability to trigger the creation and removal of a user’s IT accounts with a simple trigger. In this case, the trigger could simply be that the user is added or removed from Workday. This one small action can trigger a chain of events, for example:

  • Synchronizing identity data between systems, including into Active Directory
  • Automatic creation of an email address based on preferred naming convention
  • Automatic creation of an account password based on policies
  • Provisioning of accounts for a vast range of cloud, hybrid and on-premises systems, like Office 365, SAP, Freshdesk and Salesforce.
  • Automatic licensing for Microsoft accounts, including Office 365
  • Full instant control over access, based on user attribute rules

These actions, when working together, create a highly sophisticated ‘user lifecycle’, with amazing efficiency, control, agility and security for organisations with minimal manual intervention.

Bi-directional attribute synchronisation and integration

Some identity management platforms have a limited integration with Workday based on a small number of core attributes. With IAM Cloud there are no limits – provided an attribute has been created in Workday, IAM Cloud can securely flow it into our cloud vault. Once in IAM Cloud, the attributes can be processed if required, and synchronised back out into any of the relevant destination systems you want.

Unlock new potential in your IT

There is a wealth of useful data held within Workday, data that other applications could make use of. From simple cases like user avatars being synched to Office 365 and to a ID Card application, to much more advanced workflows. IAM Cloud’s integration with Workday, along with a wide range of other platforms, gives you an opportunity to re-think and drastically innovate how you manage and use your data to maximise benefit to your organisation.


Don’t just take our word for it

Barry University has an advanced and highly customised Workday implementation, that supports both their faculty and staff, as well as their large student community. IAM Cloud plays a pivotal role in enabling Workday to be the source of truth for data, and the central authoritative system in a wide range of workflows across Barry University’s IT services.