Integrating Cherwell with your Active Directory and other identity workflows

Cherwell is a leading ITSM platform that helps organisations manage IT services, operations and users support. Cherwell delivers pragmatic and cost-effective enterprise grade capabilities that enable rapid, agile service design and integration, with user interfaces that transform service delivery. With IAM Cloud, you can fully integrate Cherwell with your IT infrastructure estate including Active Directory domains, databases, HR systems and Student Information Management systems.

Automated provisioning for new users, updates, and deprovisioning for leavers

One of the most simple, yet still hugely beneficial, processes in an identity management system like IAM Cloud, is the ability to trigger the creation and removal of a user’s IT accounts with a simple trigger. In this case, the trigger could simply be that the user is added or removed from Active Directory or an HR System like WorkDay. This one small action can trigger a chain of events, including:

  • Full user provisioning, including group memberships, into Cherwell.
  • Custom attribute integrations from other systems to enable the flow of any desired attribute, including profile avatars.
  • Full instant control over federated access, based on user attribute rules
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On from the workstation desktop, Intranet, or web portal.
  • Full conditional user deprovisioning, to enable quick, effective and secure lock-down of resources after a user leaves.

These actions, when working together and with your wider IT infrastructure, create a sophisticated ‘user lifecycle’, with amazing efficiency, control, agility and security for organisations with minimal manual intervention.

Bi-directional attribute synchronisation and integration

Some identity management platforms have a limited integration with cloud applications. With IAM Cloud there are no limits, in either direction. Provided an attribute is available in the IAM Cloud cloud vault, it can be flowed into Cherwell, through the Cherwell API. Similarly IAM Cloud can take data from Cherwell, and securely flow it into our cloud vault. Once in IAM Cloud, the attributes can be processed if required, and synchronised back out into relevant destination systems.

Unlock new potential in your IT

There is a wealth of useful data held within your combined systems, including Cherwell. This data often can put to good use in other applications. From simple cases like user avatars being synched from Office 365 into Cherwell, or out to a ID Card application, to much more advanced workflows. IAM Cloud’s integration with Cherwell, along with a wide range of other platforms, gives you an opportunity to re-think and drastically innovate how you manage and use your data to maximise benefit to your organisation.