The Identity Exchange

"Hello, Operator? Connect my identities."

IT starts at the ID. A new employee is hired to your organization - they're added to your HR system. Then what? With IDx, we can connect your HR system into your Active Directory and beyond allowing the full automation of email address generation, account creation, manager notifications and a lot more. How about if someone leaves? Well, it's the pretty much the same in reverse... Automated deprovisioning is essential for effective security against zombie accounts. IDx doesn't just handle employees either, it can be used to automate any identity processes across your organization, like joining your custom DB to your CRM - the possibilities are very numerous (but probably not quite endless).


Connect SaaS applications like Workday, Salesforce & Azure AD via the IDx API (no coding required), and on-prem systems like SQL and Active Directory via our secure-sync agent


IDx automates the user lifecycle (joiner, mover, leaver) process across your connected systems, including rule-based attribute joining (names), transforms (depts) and creation (email)


Build custom email & SMS notifications based on event triggers, such as manager notifications for a new employee. Or get advanced and use IDxWebhook to pull data into your own reporting system.


Manage your identities and user lifecycle management workflows and configurations across multiple systems from one simple central dashboard.


Tap into the IDxAPI to create your own workflows and extend IDx out to your own custom applications - e.g a webform to send an OTP to a new user's phone


IDx has full extended business-hours support from a friendly expert technical support team, plus 24/7/365 critical support, so you're in very safe hands.



IDx is an identity exchange. A switchboard between your HR system and your Active Directory. Or between your CRM and your custom app. Or between Google and Office 365. Connect anything to anything, within reason.

We manage over 1m identities across hundreds of organizations in over 50 countries. IDx can save you a lot of time, enable faster employee on-boarding, and significantly increase your IT security all at the same time!

ISO27001 Security Compliant

Highly secure, encrypted identity vault

Localized data residency and GDPR compliant

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