IAM Cloud Identity Platform

centralize control over your users, applications and security

IAM Cloud is a flexible, secure & user-friendly identity platform hosted in the cloud. And, unlike with ADFS, we mean entirely in the cloud.

The IAM Cloud platform sits at the heart of an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Once connected, it flows data between systems, and uses intelligent identity management to automate processes such as user creation and provisioning, security configuration and login control, and a range of advanced IT features like Single Sign On, password resets, MFA, and admin-to-user communications.

It allows organisations to manage who can access what, when, where and how. It underpins everything in you do in IT to increase productivity, security, business performance, legal compliance, and agility – all while reducing cost.


State-of-the-art encryption technology and
security procedures to ensure that all of
our  data is extremely safe and secure


Automatically and dynamically scale computing
resources such as CPU, RAM and database
storage in the cloud data centres

Identity as a Service

We take responsibility for on-boarding,
off-boarding, configuration, maintenance,
updates, and service continuity

Experience the IAM Cloud platform

IAM Cloud identity management online demo idaas security

Inside the Platform

Identity Engine

IAM Cloud has been designed to support the largest and most complex identity projects in the world, with hundreds of source and destination directories, highly complex attribute handling, and millions of users.

Password System

As well as challenge-response self-service password reset, IAM Cloud also provides known password reset in the cloud. Our password reset is an automated process that doesn’t need any intervention from an IT team.

Office 365 Management

We make Office 365 even better. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or seasoned user, we have a variety of solutions to make Office 365 work even harder for your organisation.