Synchronisation & Account Provisioning | Identity Engine

Powerful cloud-hosted identity synchronisation, account provisioning and user lifecycle management without the burden or hidden costs of Dirsync, ADFS or MIM.

Under the hood, IAM Cloud’s identity engine is a powerhouse. It allows you to intelligently automate data synchronisation, flow and processing across hundreds of disparate systems.

IAM Cloud’s Engine is an identity processing service with a third-party integration framework and a filters system. It is the heart of the IAM Cloud platform, and it allows us to securely synchronises data across a vast range of on-premises and cloud-based applications. It automates the provisioning and de-provisioning of accounts for products like Office 365, it transforms attributes based on rules, and it allows for the meaningful classifications of groups of users to enable effective user lifecycle management.

While the IAM Cloud Engine is in the cloud, we also have an on-premises synchronisation client called Agent, which runs on a Domain Controller to enable the secure synchronisation of identity data from systems like Active Directory.


Automated user account provisioning & de-provisioning

Account creation and de-provisioning can be a significant time burden to IT teams, particularly in large organisations. IAM Cloud’s Engine can automate account provisioning processes based on rules. IAM Cloud can be used to replace Dirsync for Office 365, but beyond that IAM Cloud can provision accounts for a range of applications. Automating provisioning and de-provisioning doesn’t just reduce cost, it strengthens security around leavers too.

Simplified user lifecycle management with Classifications

Each identity can be made up of any number of attributes from a variety of systems. IAM Cloud’s Classifications allows IT Administrators to group users based on common attributes – e.g. Department name = Marketing. All users that meet the rules of the Classification are classified together – which then allows the IT Administrator to bulk apply processes to these users, e.g. set a certain security feature for them like MFA, or enable access to a specific application, e.g. Salesforce. Furthermore, because IAM Cloud is automated, any new user who meets the given criteria will automatically receive these same features. Classifications allow organisations to undertake intelligent automated user lifecycle management at scale with minimal effort.


Attribute management: identity meets access

TouchPoint is our authentication framework. It allows us (and our Partners) to build custom modules for the authentication flow, e.g. MFA by SMS security code. One of the more powerful modules we’ve built in TouchPoint is an attribute management system. This allows IT Administrators to prompt their end-users to update or submit attribute information – e.g. check their address is up to date, or fill-in a mobile phone number. TouchPoint’s power comes from its ability to stop people from logging in until they’ve completed the steps. Compliance is assured. This gives organisations a way to automatically maintain exceptional data quality.

Powered by our identity engine...

Branded Identity

IAM Cloud has been designed to support the largest and most complex identity projects in the world, with hundreds of source and destination directories, highly complex attribute handling, and millions of users.


IAM Cloud is an intelligent, fully integrated identity system. It can draw data from an unlimited number of sources, apply logic-based processes to the data, and provision to data to an unlimited number of destinations.

Customer IAM

Put customers at the heart of your operation, and enable your organisation to securely offer customers access into applications, capture live data, and synchronise and aggregate information across disparate sources.