Powerful identity management without the complexity

Under the hood, away from the bright colours of the user interface, IAM Cloud’s identity engine is a powerhouse. It allows you to intelligently automate data synchronisation, flow and processing across a multitude of disparate systems.

The IAM Cloud identity management engine powers and influences the rest of our technology. It makes other features like Single-Sign-On even smarter. It allows organisations to manage who can access what, when, where and how. It underpins everything in you do in IT to increase productivity, security, business performance, legal compliance, and agility – all while reducing cost.

Full API

Easily connect to an enormous array
of cloud and on-premises applications
and systems

Smarter Working

Quickly reduce a huge amount of tedious
manual labour tasks that are prone to
error and duplication

Personalised IT

Utilise an array of attributes to deliver
a  more personalised service to
your end users

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Simplify identity with IAM Cloud classifications

Each identity can be made up of any number of attributes from a variety of systems. These attributes will often include the user’s email address, encrypted password, name, department, plus a potentially massive number of others. These attributes are invaluable, and when utilised with our classification system, enable you to deliver a seamless IT experience. Here’s how easy it is to create new classifications of users:


identity specialist consulation

See what the IAM Cloud engine powers

Branded Identity

IAM Cloud has been designed to support the largest and most complex identity projects in the world, with hundreds of source and destination directories, highly complex attribute handling, and millions of users.


IAM Cloud is an intelligent, fully integrated identity system. It can draw data from an unlimited number of sources, apply logic-based processes to the data, and provision to data to an unlimited number of destinations.

Customer IAM

Put customers at the heart of your operation, and enable your organisation to securely offer customers access into applications, capture live data, and synchronise and aggregate information across disparate sources.