IDx. Identity Engine v1.5 (major release)

  1. Group holograms comparisons update moved to after DB update – this improves performance and allows a first time parse of memberships
  2. Added option to ignore group holograms on inbound
  3. Added a check for duplicated rows (both inbound and outbound)
  4. Webhook alerts will now be sent to operations team when a sync fails due to critical error for a quicker response from support

New Feature

  1. Future sync framework


  1. In some occasions the delta would ignored if only membership or reference updates occurred on objects (both inbound and outbound)

Further information on our new Future Syncs feature:

At any point inbound it’s possible to add a new FutureAction (JSON) to the CloudVault entry. This will automatically set the NextAction column to the timestamp specified in the FutureAction, in the case of multiple future actions it will set the NextAction automatically to the next action occurrence. At the end of the inbound process it will get all CloudVault entries with the NextAction in the past and queue them for processing. Then for each entry it will get all future actions in the past and begin processing them. It will execute attribute assignment or run a specified identity filter in each future action. You can configure if you want this action to occur on the application repository or the CloudVault.

For example:

  1. You can set an “attribute” to value “X” and in “30 days time” on the “CloudVault” object.
  2. You can configure a filter to run (which would allow you to run any logical c# based code) on “CloudVault” or “Application”

After executing all actions for an object it will check for any more future actions, if there is none it will automatically set NextAction to null, otherwise it will find the next update from the remaining Future Actions. Any successfully processed actions are removed from the FutureAction JSON. In the case of a failure it will keep the FutureAction entry and set NextAction to now.

Sample JSON for future actions:


  { "table": "CloudVault", "attributeName": "Deleted", "value": true, "timestamp": "2020-04-04T9:10:08.293Z" },

  { "gcrFilterId": "ff35ac63-4524-4759-bdde-03906213b72e", "timestamp": "2020-05-05T9:10:08.293Z" }