Cloud Drive Mapper v2.9 (Major Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Cloud Drive Mapper 2.9 contains a significant number of bug fixes and improvements as well as a few new features, including a new type of converged drive. 2.9 also uses a new installer framework, paving the way to our next generation client. This release also contains some reorganisation of registry settings in order to simplify deployment.

“Do we need to update?”
No, not unless your organization is currently experiencing and issue that has been fixed in this release, or if you would like to use some of the new features.

Important – please read before updating:

  1. For customers upgrading from CDM versions below 2.8: You will need to go through the full AAD enterprise app approval workflow (see knowledge base article) before you can update to the new version.
  2. CDM 2.9 includes the release of a new installer for Cloud Drive Mapper. While we have taken significant effort to test the installer in a wide range of environments and deployment scenarios to try to minimise possible administrative overheads to our customers and partners, the new installer may slightly impact your approach to deployment in some scenarios. We have updated our deployment guidance documentation accordingly. If you have any hesitations or questions please contact our support team at before making any changes. Please ensure to run the new client in a sandbox environment first to ensure it still works properly with your IT environment before pushing a mass rollout.
  3. We have made a change to how some of Cloud Drive Mapper’s registry keys work in an attempt to reduce the number of keys required for deployments. This paves the way to major changes we’re making next year, which will bring major improvements in this area. Please read the change-log entries below for more detail on what’s changed in this release. In summary though, we have moved the settings that previously occupied the MasterSettings registry key to ListConvergeSettings (we recommend you to simply rename the existing key MasterSettings key if you are currently using it in your environment). Secondly, we have repurposed the MasterSettings key concept in order to consolidate a large number of disparate keys into a single bitmask-based key.
  4. You’ll notice that the MSI installer is significantly larger than before due to some additional Microsoft WebView2 components being included, however the application itself is still approximately the same size as before with the same resource requirements.

Full Release Notes

Changes (important)

  1. “Just me” option has been removed from the install process. If you previously installed with “Just me” option when upgrading you may find two entries in the Add/Remove programs. If this occurs you should uninstall both from Add/Remove programs and reinstall just the new one.
  2. Existing MasterSettings key which contained custom settings for converged drive has been moved out into its own dedicated registry key called ListConvergeDrive
  3. MasterSettings key has been repurposed in line with its original concept of being a single key that governs a variety of different behaviours. This process has meant we’ve been able to remove a lot of the disparate single-purpose keys that have existed with CDM for some time, and pull them all under single registry key by use of a bitmask to enable multiple settings at one time.
    • Common registry settings that are affected here include:
      • MultipleInstanceOveride (now MasterSettings bitmask value 256) <- Any customers running CDM in a Citrix, VMWare or RDS environment should please take note of this.
      • Verbose (now MasterSettings bitmask value 32)
  4. Two of the most common keys used for diagnosis are the Verbose and WriteLogToFile keys. They have now been reworked so all you need to do now is enable VerboseLogging in the MasterSettings and this will automatically write the logs to file in the %localappdata%. If however you would like to specify a different log path you can still use the WriteLogToFile key and set the path. In this scenario when both verbose logging is enabled and WriteLogToFile is set to a path it will enable verbose logging and write the log only to the path you specified in the WriteLogToFile.
  5. EnableAdvanceMode still works as it did previously, but it can now also be enabled by in the MasterSettings key too.

Updated documentation and deployment guidance

  1. Deploying Cloud Drive Mapper to multiple machines
  2. Deploying Cloud Drive Mapper to Citrix and VDI environments
  3. Cloud Drive Mapper – Registry Keys
  4. Enabling logging in Cloud Drive Mapper 

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue which was preventing authentication if user didn’t have access to the SharePoint root
  2. Fix a bug when pulling from cache where sites that are public that should be hidden would reappear
  3. Fix a bug where manage drive mappings would come through as blocked in certain conditions
  4. Fixed bug where doc library would show even though you do not have permissions to the doc library but you do the site
  5. Fixed some user notifications that were not multi-lingual
  6. Fixed a bug that meant sometimes in converge drives you would see duplication of the sites
  7. Fixed a bug that meant on managed drive list enumeration we would sometimes enumerate the sites twice
  8. Fixed a bug that would sometimes show a white login screen without rendering the login page
  9. Fixed a bug which caused a crash if the user had OneDrive in their mapping but was not licensed in Microsoft 365 for OneDrive
  10. Fixed a bug which could prevent a valid cookie from being accepted by SPO

New Features

  1. We now support OneDrive Shortcuts as a converge drive via admin control
  2. We now support OneDrive Shortcuts as a converge option in manage my drive
  3. We now auto hide Archived teams -> there is a slight performance impact on time to enumerate converge drives without cache when you do not use Teams Converged. You can enable FullConverge_ShowArchiveTeams in ListConvergeSettings if required


  1. Ability to optionally turn off suppression of JS errors during login
  2. Improved logging in a number of places to help diagnose issues quicker
  3. Update to Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL)
  4. Significantly improved speed when creating the converge drive structure
  5. Improved installer
  6. Added the ability to hide communication sites on both Full and SP converge using master settings
  7. Notification suppression is now a bitmask allowing flexibility over which notifications, if any, are shown to end-users. This new key is called DisableNotifications
  8. We now do not use the CDMSettings folder in the users OneDrive and instead store the cached config in the App Root location.
  9. We have added a hidden menu behind Ctrl+RightClick to delete the cached information both local and in OneDrive
  10. Moved over to WebView2 to remove any dependency on the IE11 engine. The installer now has both the x86 and x64 components for WebView2 which has increased the installer size, however the CDM application itself is still roughly the same size as previous versions.


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