Cloud Drive Mapper v2.9.6 (Minor Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Cloud Drive Mapper 2.9.6 adds a few additional minor improvements and big fixes.

“Do we need to update?”
No. Not unless your organization is currently experiencing an issue that has been fixed in this release, or wants to benefit from the improved OneDrive Shortcuts drive.

Important – please read if you are updating from version 2.8.x or below:

  1. You will need to go through the full AAD enterprise app approval workflow (see knowledge base article) before you can update to the new version.
  2. EnableAdvanceMode – the option that meant the local CDM client would talk to the ‘Advanced Mode’ AAD Enterprise Application has now become the default behaviour. This means you no longer need to add a registry setting here. However conversely, if you are using CDM Standard Mode (the reduced-permissions AAD app) you’ll now need to ensure you’re using our new MASTERSETTINGS key (see article) with ‘1’ included in the bitmask value.
  3. Please make sure you are familiar with the 2.9 changes and 2.9.3 changes as well as the details below before upgrading.

Full Release Notes

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed a problem that meant WebView2 wouldn’t be invoked if it was running on system startup
  2. Fixed a problem where the non primary language for a country was not defaulting to the correct language translations


  1. CDM now supports OneDrive Shortcut links from any directory not just root
  2. We have made an improvement to how CDM handles a 500 error from the MS SPO API which was due to throttling when enumerating the teams or sites for converge. This should help improve the reliability of converged drives.


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