Cloud Drive Mapper v2.9.3 (Minor Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Cloud Drive Mapper 2.9.3 follows the 2.9 release with a few minor improvements and tweaks based on user feedback.

“Do we need to update?”
No, not unless your organization is currently experiencing and issue that has been fixed in this release, or if you would like to use some of the new features.

Important – please read before updating:

  1. For customers upgrading from CDM versions below 2.8: You will need to go through the full AAD enterprise app approval workflow (see knowledge base article) before you can update to the new version.
  2. EnableAdvanceMode – the option that meant the local CDM client would talk to the ‘Advanced Mode’ AAD Enterprise Application has now become the default behaviour. This means you no longer need to add a registry setting here. However conversely, if you are using CDM Standard Mode (the reduced-permissions AAD app) you’ll now need to ensure you’re using our new MASTERSETTINGS key (see article) with ‘1’ included in the bitmask value.
  3. If you are upgrading from versions below 2.9, please make sure you are familiar with the 2.9 changes as well as the details below before upgrading.

Full Release Notes

Changes (important)

  1. We have now reverted MS WebView2 to be optional rather than the default component. CDM will continue using MS WebComponent as its default browser control for the time being.
  2. Since overwhelming majority of our customers use Cloud Drive Mapper ‘Advanced’ (Enabled via the registry setting EnableAdvanceMode = ‘true’, we have made the decision to make it the default option. This means customers needing to use the advanced permissions no longer need to add any extra reg settings, and EnableAdvanceMode has become obsolete. However there are a minority of customers who have opted to go with the more limited permission app ‘CDM Standard Mode’. This is now called CDM Basic Mode and needs a registry key to specifically enable it. This is now handled as part of the MASTERSETTINGS key, by inclusion of the number ‘1’ in the calculated value. See more information on the master settings in this knowledge base article.


  1. Fix for the issue when running CDM outside of the program files and it is not falling back with WebControl
  2. Fixed issue when mapping directly to a site or subsite and not to a document library
  3. Fixed an issue preventing vanity URLs from working with WebView2
  4. CDM can now close the browser window correctly on WebView2
  5. Fixed a bug where Private Teams channels had been showing at the same drive hierarchy level as their parent in converged drives
  6. Fixed a bug relating to AAD access permission prompts when using advanced features without the correct AAD Enterprise App granted.
  7. Fixed text error in installer


  1. We now handle switching users mid session correctly. This disabled the ability for users to change within the authentication window and instead the flow forces back to change at CDM meaning the OneDrive and Redirection uses the correct username
  2. Installer can now be used to pass all common parameters in for easy deployment (see full knowledge base article)
  3. WebView2 is now included in the installer along with Webcontrol and can be enabled within MasterSettings
  4. ListConvergeSettings now printed to logs to help provide visibility of active CDM settings to speed up troubleshooting.
  5. MasterSettings, ListConvergeSettings and CustomDriveSettings will now merge enabled options from both HKLM and HKCU. This gives extra flexibility for deployment, which means you could in theory deploy the bulk of your settings via MSI parameters (which default to HKLM), and a few additional custom settings via GPO to HKCU, and the values within these bitmasked parameters will be merged. For example: if you had MasterSettings = 32 in HKLM and MasterSettings = 1 in HKCU, then CDM will combine them with both option 1 and option 32 enabled in the CDM client.
  6. DriveMapping key can now be stored in both HKLM and HKCU, using HKCU as priority just like all other keys


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