Cloud Drive Mapper v2.8 (Major Release)

IMPORTANT: Cloud Drive Mapper 2.8 ( contains a few behavior changes that will affect some customers. This includes a slight change in some registry settings – including customers using the ‘TeamstoDocLib’ registry key. Please read the details below carefully if you think it may affect you. And as ever we recommend testing the new release in a safe sandbox environment as per this support post before pushing Cloud Drive Mapper to production.

Release summary:

Cloud Drive Mapper 2.8 (build: has a significant number of minor updates. These include a range of niche bug fixes and minor-to-moderate improvements that have accumulated over the past few months. For the most part, if you are happy with how Cloud Drive Mapper is working in your environment right now, then you likely won’t need to upgrade to this version from 2.7. However, if you have registered an improvement request or bug fix, then please see the changelog below to see if it is addressed in this release.
One of the more significant enhancements to 2.8 is that we have enhanced our integration with the SharePoint CSOM service. This means we are able to resolve specific issues such as Drive Labels not updating correctly. But our CSOM integration also paves the way for us to be able to provide more functionality in future releases such as the ability to filter-in or filter-out certain SharePoint sites/doc libraries based on SharePoint attributes, and quite a bit beyond it. In addition, our 2.8 release paves the way to another upcoming release, likely billed as 2.8.5, which will have some exciting new features and capabilities.

Full Release Notes


  1. Bug fixed where Teams comes without a web URL
  2. Fix to only pull groups the user is a member off when working out exclusions – this massively speeds up computation of teams
  3. Fix for folders in converge not recreating when they become unusable
  4. Modified the number of supported SP sites and added new interaction for spsites and collections
  5. Added base concept for SPSites via sp _api search query – this may in the future dramatically speed up computation and allow filtering of sites based on more than what we can get from Graph
  6. Added ability to disable saving to OD with SaveConfigToOD
  7. Adjusted the proxy code in all areas – there were some areas that had problems when going through a proxy
  8. Added support for unicode paths in converge and create as folder and fixed a problem with the AddToQuickLaunch not updating if it already exists
  9. Better error handling and recovery when a converge drive is un-mappable and stop it failing the full map and instead just the individual Teams
  10. Fixed a missing check when unmapping to determine if it is allowed – This is so when the same user loads a VDI and published app (or multiple published app) it will not make the folders disappear when using folder create on a network share. When the user has CreateAsFolder to a network share (F:\ for example) and F is the users real home drive. All sessions for that user will adopt the same folder so if two instances for same user load and then one of them unmaps the drive and removes the folder it will remove for all sessions as F:\ is shared and the folders that they are all using will be removed
  11. Bug fixed that could mean old cache is pulled and not refreshed in the given time period
  12. Bug fixed that caused a duplicate in the cache for standard drives
  13. Converge drives were wrongly being cleared from cache causing slower launch times
  14. Added ExitConvergeClearDown to allow a force clear down of the cached structure for converged drives
  15. Fixed a bug with login when dealing with multiple URLs
  16. Fixed a bug when CDM is running on an AzureAD machine and you sign out and sign in with a different user to the user on the same workstation that is AzureAD bound
  17. Fixed a bug which during authentication if the first site checked the user genuinely did not have permissions would generate a double authentication
  18. Fixed an issue causing repeated authentication checks every 5 minutes
  19. Duplicate names between teams/spsites are now de-duplicated and consistent across all drives – note a slight change of behaviour could occur if only using teams and there is a duplicate sp name you have access too
  20. Fixed a bug preventing sites that have libraries you do not have permissions to from hidding from view
  21. Fixed a bug that was forcing cookies to be from an old user when switching users in CDM on same machine
  22. Fixed a bug which during a refresh was making converged drives unavailable
  23. Renaming a Team now reflects correctly in a converged drive
  24. Fixed a bug where a static library mapping has no doc libraries available for the user was showing as a mapped drive
  25. Fixed a bug that was preventing a 0 drive mapping process
  26. Fixed a bug that was causing login failure when there was 0 drives due to them all being blocked
  27. Fixed a bug with removing sites or teams from converge if they are removed
  28. To reduce the number of registry keys and deployment complexity we have introduced a MasterSettings registry key which will be used moving forward and will in future deprecate the use of other registry keys to a single bitmask key
  29. Fixed a bug that could crash CDM when right clicking on menu whilst it was processing drives
  30. When CDM is running for more than one day the logs (if enabled) were not going into a new file by default. As a part of this we have allowed when using a custom log
  31. Reduced scope permissions so recommend regranting the application in AzureAD so it removes permissions from our application as good practice for both standard and advanced
    • Only do this once you have confirmed rollout of new version, doing before will break existing versions
  32. Behaviour change for non advance key
  33. Fixed bug when the advancedkey notification pop occurs it will not duplicate the notification in the same session
  34. On Manage My Drives, we stop the refresh button being clicked when it is already processing the site retrieval
  35. Added support for Italian and German
  36. Added multi-lingual support for Manage My Drives
  37. Multi-select disabled on Manage My Drives to improve usability
  38. We have refined the AAD enterprise application permissions that Cloud Drive Mapper requires both in Standard and Advanced mode to reduce the number of permissions needed. We’ve also written a new knowledge base article explaining the permissions CDM uses and why.
  39. We’ve made a number of changes and improvements to the Manage My Drives feature, including allowing the users to map different kinds of drives. There is also a new Registry Key required for this feature – for further details please see this article.

Changes to previous/existing behaviour

  • TeamsToDocLib is now removed instead use the master settings key (see details below)
  • Deprecated the ‘install now’ option from context menu
  • Deprecated DisableCustomIcons and instead use the master settings key (see below)
  • Due to the duplicate names being consistent between SharePoint and Teams there could be Teams that have changed name, although they should now correspond to the correct naming within SharePoint and Teams.

New expected behaviours

  • Converge Teams – this will only show teams you are a member/owner of
  • Converge SPSites – This will only show sites that a user has explicit permissions to access.
  • Classic SharePoint sites can take up to 24 hours to appear in CDM however MSTeams and unified groups will be instant (upon manual refresh)
  • With the standard key (non-advanced) we have a reduced permissions set but the following will no longer be available without advanced
  • Cache stored in users OneDrive Profile
  • User Manage Drives
  • If you are using Managed Drive with the PreClearDown option it will cause slow rendering of SharePoint Lists if that is configured for use
  • CDM supports the ability to have no drives mapped and then use Manage Drive to configure ones you want
  • Manage Drive supports:
    • Converge drives (Teams/SP/Full)
    • OneDrive
    • Static SP path (can be copied from browser URL bar, with automatic sanitation)
    • Search for it (a list will be enumerated)

New registry string to handle drive behaviour: MasterSettings

MasterSettings is a bitmask. The value of master settings can be computed by adding together the values from all the settings you want to be enabled.

So for example, if you wanted to remove modern sites (unified groups) from SharePoint Converged drive and remove the custom SP icons (in favour of folder icons) then you would use 1+16. E.g. MasterSettings = 17

1 SPConverge-> OnlyShowSitesWithMembership Will remove modern sites (unified group) where you are not a member (such as public)
2 FullConverge -> ShowOnlyTeams This allows Teams to work in the traditional SP doc-lib model rather than using Teams channels. Use in conjunction with 4 (i.e. 2+4=6) to use the Teams icons within the drive to recreate the previous ‘TeamstoDocLib’ registry setting.
4 FullConverge -> ShowServiceIcons Uses SharePoint icons for SharePoint site and Teams icon for Teams. Cannot be used with 8
8 FullConverge -> NoIcons Uses normal Windows folder icons for Teams and SharePoint sites. Cannot be used with 4
16 SPConverge-> NoIcons Uses folder icons within a SP converged drive.
32 TeamsConverge -> NoIcons Uses folder icons within a Teams converged drive.
64 FullConverge -> OnlyShowSitesWithMembership Will remove modern sites (unified group) where you are not a member (such as public)
128 FullConverge -> OnlyShowSiteWithGroups Will only show spsites that have groups (modern sites)
256 SPConverge-> OnlyShowSiteWithGroups Will only show spsites that have groups (modern sites)
512 OneDrive -> NoIcons Uses folder icon instead of the IAM Cloud icon within the CreateToFolder setting


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