Cloud Drive Mapper v2.8.7.1 (Minor Release)

IMPORTANT: Cloud Drive Mapper contains a minor fix to an obscure issue that can result from customers missing a SharePoint webtemplate property. 
  • If you are already running version 2.8 then it is unlikely you’ll need to update. The issue fixed in this update only seems to affect a tiny porportion of customers.
  • If you are running version 2.7.x or lower and everything is working fine then you’re also probably fine to stay on your current version.
  • If you are running version 2.7.x and experiencing any interruptions, then it may be worthwhile upgrading as 2.8 has brought in a few stability improvements to the product.
But please note: If you are updating from a previous CDM version below 2.8 – you may need to re-add our Azure AD Enterprise Application in line with this article due to a change in AAD permissions in versions 2.8 and higher. If you have any hesitations or questions please contact our support team at before making any changes.

Full Release Notes


  1. Cloud Drive Mapper contains a minor fix to resolve a very rare issue with converged drives not mapping correctly when the SharePoint’s WebTemplate property is missing/null. This issue was resulting in bloated API responses severely hampering drive mapping performance.
  2. Fix for certain tenants that can result in SharePoint API not returning sites
  3. Fix to skip sites that derive from Apps under the user’s OneDrive location


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