Cloud Drive Mapper v2.8.5.1 (Hotfix Release)

IMPORTANT: Cloud Drive Mapper contains an important MSAL bug fix. A recent change to AAD has led to a rejection in MSAL authentication requests with duplicate login-hints. This could affect certain Cloud Drive Mapper customers with multiple mapped drives. contains a hotfix that addresses the duplicate login hint issue. As ever please make sure that you test the new release in a sandbox environment before rolling out to new users. And in particular if updating from a previous CDM version below 2.8 – you may need to re-add our Azure AD Enterprise Application in line with this article due to a change in AAD permissions in versions 2.8 and higher. 

Release summary:

Cloud Drive Mapper contains a hot-fix to resolve a recent MSAL authentication issue experienced by certain customers.

Full Release Notes


  1. Hot fix to MSAL authentication module – a recent change to Microsoft 365 has meant that certain customer environments could cause a duplicate ‘login hint’ leading to failed authentication with Microsoft 365.


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