Cloud Drive Mapper v2.20 (Major Release)

Important information about this release: 
If you have been following events with Microsoft’s problematic 2306 Office release, you’ll know that we released 2.19 in order to attempt to address some of the issues introduced into Office by Microsoft. We’re now happy to say that Microsoft have fixed the Office bugs and the latest production version of Office 2307 works correctly all versions of Cloud Drive Mapper. However, we are recommending those that updated to 2.19 to strongly consider moving to 2.20 as the client is simpler and likely more robust as a consequence.

“Do we need to update?”

  • If you are on version 2.19, yes we would recommend upgrading. If you are on a previous version (e.g. 2.18 or earlier), then no, you should be fine as you are.

Full Release Notes


  1. Adjusted so custom CoAuth needs to be enabled, rather than disabled and to ensure it will only do that on broken version of Office
  2. Minimized prompts for web based files in MS Office and incorrect detection of protected files
  3. Improved throttling algorithm with SPO Search API calls


  1. Fixed a crash that can occur by a dot net exception
  2. Fixed a bug that can cause a deadlock when mapping drives leaving it in a waiting state
  3. Fixed bug with CDM not launching correctly immediately after installation
  4. Added the correct user-agent header to all MS requests to reduce throttling


Hunting bugs.