Cloud Drive Mapper v2.19 (Important Release)

Important information about this release: 
A few weeks ago, we identified an issue in the preview build of Office (version 2306) relating to co-authoring Office documents and network drives. We escalated the issue with Microsoft and are still in communication with the Office product team. This doesn’t just affect Cloud Drive Mapper but Microsoft’s own native webdav service as well. However despite ongoing talks, 2306 has now gone into production with the issue remaining. Despite us believing this is a genuine bug, rather than an intentional change, we decided to hedge the risk by building a workaround to the problem. Cloud Drive Mapper V2.19 has a new solution for Office co-authoring and overcomes the issue in Office 2306. We recommend upgrading to this latest version to avoid issues with co-authoring Office documents.

“Do we need to update?”

  • We would recommend it, yes, especially if your users use the Office co-authoring feature.

Full Release Notes


  1. Implemented a custom co-authoring solution to ensure documents open with co-authoring enabled by default on Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  2. Implemented fix to MS Office showing protected bar when opening files from a CDM drive.


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