Cloud Drive Mapper v2.18 (Moderate Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Following the major release of Cloud Drive Mapper 2.15, we have made some further enhancements to the connection with Microsoft 365 in order to improve resilience, we have also fixed a few bugs.

“Do we need to update?”

  • The only customers who we definitely recommend to update are those who’ve actively seen issues with the Teams converged drive, if you aren’t experiencing any issues then you need not update.

Full Release Notes


  1. When the users cache is out of date, we will use that to map the drive and then rebuild immediately to ensure user is not waiting for the cache to rebuild
  2. Upgraded code certificate to HSM certificate
  3. Added resilience to getting MS Teams information from the MS Graph API
  4. Added resilience to evaluating if user has access for browse directory on their OneDrive
  5. Updated WebView2 to latest binaries


  1. Fixed an issue on specific Citrix environments the browser was not able to load and authentication failed
  2. Fixed a bug that cause CDM to crash during background rebuild of the cache data
  3. Fixed a bug in a rare case where there is no webview data but we attempt to delete it

Important Note: If using Cloud Drive Mapper in a Server 2012 (pre-R2) environment, you will need to use the RevertToWebControl option in master settings 



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