Cloud Drive Mapper v2.17 (Moderate Release)

“What’s in this release?”
Following the major release of Cloud Drive Mapper 2.15, we have made some further enhancements to the query language used for SharePoint converged drives. We have also made an improvement to the MSI installer, which now includes a launch-after-install parameter that could be useful for certain environments.

“Do we need to update?”

  • The only customers who we definitely recommend to update are those who’ve actively seen issues with the strange SPO indexing behaviour, leading to some results being omitted from SharePoint converged drives.
  • Other customers using SharePoint converged drives may also wish to update (even if you haven’t experienced the issue above) because the new query language we’ve included speeds up the mapping process of SPO converged drives quite significantly. And if having the new launch-after-install parameter would benefit your organisation, you may also wish to update.
  • For everyone else, there is no reason to update, no.

Full Release Notes


  • Overhaul of SPO query language resulting in some significant improvements to the performance of mapping SPO converged drives:
    • Ability to omit unneeded SPO sites from search to avoid unnecessary processing in very large SPO environments
    • Significant improvements to mapping times when using converge drives
    • Significant improvements when using Manage my drives when enumerating drives
    • Significant reduction in the number of requests made to Microsoft 365 when using converge drives or enumerating permissions
    • Significant speed improvements when enumerating groups
    • Significant speed improvments when first rebuild after an upgrade
  • A new MSI parameter LAUNCHCDM=1 will allow for launching immediately after a silent install.
  • Improvements to how the return from Windows suspended states recovers drives
  • Improvements to recovery from changing networks and temporary periods offline
  • Improved algorithm for mapping drives so it is more adaptive to MS throtting

Bugs fixed

  1. This is more of a workaround to a Microsoft issue than a bug in CDM itself in our view, however the improvements to the SPO query language KQL have resolved an issue with sites not being indexed by SPO and thus being omitted from SharePoint converged drives.


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