On-Demand Email Migration with No Disruptions

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If you want to migrate mailboxes from one Office 365 tenancy to another, or if you’re looking to move providers entirely, e.g from Google to Office 365, then IAM Cloud can help.

We flow email assets between systems in the same way our platform normally flows identity data. We don’t need any on-premises equipment or software to complete a migration, it is achieved entirely through our cloud platform. This means that migrations can take place on demand and ensures that there is no interruption to services for end users – they don’t even need to reset their passwords after the migration.

Complete Flexibility

Get more control over who you move, where and when. Migrate attributes of different groups of users to different applications


Multiple accounts migrated simultaneously in batch mode that scales over 100s
Azure servers on-demand

SaaS-Based Migration

Migration as a managed service with guaranteed results across all data types with full account manager support


Migration details

Migrations work in tandem with IAM Cloud’s classifications system, which means that we are able to isolate specific groups of accounts based on attribute rules (e.g. Department Name=X, or OU=Y), and migrate them independently.

  •  Migrations can happen without the need for individual users’ passwords.

  • Folder mapping allows you to migrate a named folder into one with a different name.

  • Get a snapshot of your source data prior to migration by creating a report of the source account.

  • Migrated messages will be repliable by translating their old addresses into their new addresses.

  • Migration reports in XML format will be created after each run, and they can be viewed and saved with Microsoft Excel.

  • Automatically determines what type of character set conversion is necessary for migration.

  • Exclude certain messages/folders and set filters to have complete control of exactly what data is migrated.

  • Recurring meetings will be maintained as recurring. You also can choose to migrate only meetings that you are owner of, or all calendar entries.

  • Only unique message are migrated in Exchange.

We take the burden out of email migration across all types of data…

Messages & Folders


Address Books


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