Happiness & satisfaction

Most identity solutions are products, they may even literally be delivered in a box. You even find that most SaaS and IDaaS providers can often still have a product-based mentality. IAM Cloud is different, IAM Cloud is a genuine service.

The difference between a service and a product is down to the burden of delivery. With a product, the customer has the burden of making it work. With a service, the service provider carries that burden. We make it our responsibility to ensure that our customers have a happy and successful experience when using our technology. We strive to ensure that we deliver an exceptional service to every single IAM Cloud customer and partner 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year. Here’s an overview of the services available to our customers and partners…

Beginner’s training

Knowledge Library

24/7/365 support

4h max response SLA

Post-deployment review

Bi-annual service review

Quarterly training sessions

Localised support

Going the extra mile

Customer service, satisfaction and success are areas that we strive to excel at. The standard service included in our normal pricing rivals most premium service plans from other Software-as-a-Service providers. But we recognise that some customers and IT environments have special requirements. We will do everything we can to rise to the challenge.

Here’s a taster of the optional extras we can offer our customers…

  • Dedicated engineers assigned to fully understand your environment

  • Expanding your own team with our IAM Experts who can offer semi-permanent in-house support for your identity and access processes

  • Personalised engagements and SCRUMS dedicated to help you achieve your business goals, as well as training, knowledge transfer and roadmap development

  • Priority access to our development team who can offer code-reviews and direct troubleshooting

  • Elite support and SLAs

  • Customer Success Manager dedicated to ensuring the successful use of IAM Cloud, who will conduct regular on-site reviews, and act as an escalation point should additional technical support be required

If you need anything else, just let us know. We’re as curious as you are to see what lengths our customer support team will goto to help our customers!

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