All that glitters is gold

As IAM Cloud nears 10 years old so does our relationship with Microsoft. We hosted our software in Azure from the beginning. Before Azure was even publicly available. Our software has come a long way, our business has come a long way, even Microsoft has come a long way, but our alignment with MS has remained strong throughout. In 2015 we were proud to be named Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner of the Year for the Education sector. It was a ridiculous honour when considering some of the massive internationally renowned corporations we were up against, including the likes of Dell et al.

In some ways I’d say our relationship with Microsoft peaked in 2015, but actually it has just evolved. Microsoft’s priorities changed a lot – they put a lot more emphasis into Azure AD for a time which created a bit of tension since our Simple Sign-On product (formerly just IAM Cloud SSO) was somewhat competitive with it. But in the past couple of years, we’ve shifted what we’ve been doing with our technology and services and once again regain a much stronger alignment with Microsoft. Most of our technology is now complementary to Microsoft’s rather than competitive with it. This definitely makes life easier…

In the past few years we have continued to help thousands of Office 365 customers with a range of solutions, from Office 365 storage adoption, to migration, to onboarding and federation, to Intune services, to identity provisioning, to licensing itself.

Today we’re proud to once again be recertified as Microsoft Gold Partner for 2020. Even though it is just a badge, it is a mutual signal of our relationship with Microsoft. Our software tools and services makes life in the Microsoft cloud better for thousands of organizations. In return, we get Microsoft’s formal recognition. In addition to our MS Gold Partner status, we recently received further commendation from Microsoft by being awarded Azure Verified status.

While awards always reflect historic events, one reason we’re going to the effort of writing a blog about our Microsoft partner gold status this year is to signal our intentions for the future.

With huge upgrades to Cloud Drive Mapper, IDx and Lift&Shift coming in the next 6 months, we will have an ecosystem of technology that has never been more useful to Microsoft customers. Who knows, maybe in the next 24 months we’ll be vying for another one of those Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.