Cloud Winch

Home Drive to OneDrive

Haul your Home Drives into the Cloud

There has been a lot of talk over the years about the cost savings of cloud storage (fair enough, it's true). But there wasn't a lot of talk about how moving your files into the cloud can help organizations deal with major problems like enforced remote working as a consequence of a major pandemic. Sadly we are where we are. If you haven't managed to move your storage into the cloud yet, chances are your users are going to be finding it more difficult to be productive than if you had. While there are options for maintaining remote access to network storage via VPNs and terminal services they come with their own set of challenges, costs and limitations. Cloud storage really is the way to go. But how to you get there? Isn't it complicated and/or expensive? Well, not any more! Not with Cloud Winch.

The Winch

Connect the Winch to your network storage using our lightweight server utility. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Press Go.

Smart User Management

User joining is the hardest and most critical part of migrations. That's the part we're best at. Cloud Winch leverages IDx to make it a breeze.

HomeDrive -> OneDrive

No scripts or manual mappings. Cloud Winch integrates with Active Directory & Azure AD to intelligently automate your migration.

Winch+Mapper = Replacer

Combine Winch + Cloud Drive Mapper to seamlessly replace your Home Drives with drives mapped to OneDrive for Business.

Piece of cake

Cloud Winch is powered by a simple wizard-style desktop application that guides each step of the migration to OneDrive.

Hand-held by experts

You're not alone. Cloud Winch comes with full support. Our expert engineers are on hand to help every step of the way.

Hauling SaaS

<10 minutes of set-up then you’re ready to go.  Cloud Winch can automate the secure migration of thousands of storage accounts and TBs of data per day to OneDrive for Business.

Cloud Winch is the quickest and easiest way to get your Home Drives into OneDrive. And it’s cheap and comes with full support included. Let’s get you started right now.

Over 400,000 users migrated

Full hands-on support from an expert team

Simple, Quick and Cost Effective

No Disruption to Users