Customer Identity Management

Increase customer engagement by enabling simple access to your digital services


Hyper-scale identity for unlimited growth

Don't continually re-invent processes as your business and customer base expands.


Integrated analytics for next-generation BI

Integrate and synchronise customer data across multiple systems.


Customer Identity Management & Registration as a Service

Since its inception, identity management has been a process to help organisations better manage user lifecycles, access provisioning and authentication of their staff to their IT services. It serves an important, but understated, role within most organisations.

Customer Identity Management (CIAM) takes all of the principles and technologies that evolved in Enterprise IT over the past decade, and extends them beyond the walls of an organisation, out to an organisation’s full commercial business ecosystem.

Customer Identity Management makes enabling digital services for customers easy – and takes care of the process with end-to-end automation and self-service functionality. From the initial point of customer Registration, through to provisioning to digital services, and allowing customers to reset their own passwords securely without adding a burden to your support team.

Example Registration as a Service scenario:

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CIAM puts customers at the heart of your operations, and allows organisations to undertake a major digital transformation by providing secure access to forums, e-billing systems, e-commerce systems, ordering systems, parking systems, ERP systems, media services, your own custom applications – and an almost infinite number of other possibilities.

Customer Identity Management also allows data integration across systems, from directory services, to CRM platforms, databases, marketing systems and more. IAM Cloud Customer Identity Management platform achieves this with the intelligence, automation and control delivered by an enterprise identity management system. IAM Cloud can take customer engagement and relationship management to a new level.


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