changelog – January 2018

By January 8, 2018changelog

January 2018 РRelease

Cloud Drive Mapper 1.5.4

The main focus of this release is improvements in the cookie handling process and the introduction of Folder Redirection.

Improvements and Bug fixes include:

  • Fix for issues where cookies prevent drives from being mapped.
  • Fixes a .NET error when a bad username and password is submitted.
  • Improvements in handling of roaming profiles.
  • NEW FEATURE: Username and Password can now be optionally stored in a password file rather than Credential Manager. With this change a user can now log onto multiple machines with same user credentials.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cloud Drive Mapper now handles¬†Folder Redirection. This is a feature that is disabled by default but can be enabled at anytime.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cloud Drive Mapper now has the ability to load before or in parallel to the desktop allowing better support for desktop redirection.
  • Fixed issue where un-mapping of drives was not being successfully executed on Window 10 machines