changelog – December 2016

By December 8, 2016changelog

29 Dec 2016 – IAM Cloud API

New Features & improvements

  1. We have created synchronisation between User Account Control (UAC) in Active Directory and the IAM Cloud Platform. Account lock, account disabled and to force a password reset can now be synced from UAC to IAM Cloud.
  2. We have improved our integration with New Relic for monitoring: invalid data entry shows as exceptions for reset password calls.
  3. We have improved Group Membership Performance in the IAM Cloud Identity Engine.
  4. Login Control now works on an app-by-app basis without needing the app id in URL
  5. Bug fix: Cache for the style with empty profile field in URL

8 Dec 2016 – IAM Cloud Authentication Service  

New Features & improvements

  1. Custom federation short-name and URL now updatable in Portal
  2. Application short-names now editable in the Portal
  3. Get Features API call refactored
  4. Mapping correction to SPSR provisioning
  5. We’ve made a number of updates to our credentials system as part of a larger project
  6. Username field in login form now configurable, including symbols
  7. API returns credentials for SSO users as part of NTML process
  8. Admins can now set a custom URL to direct users to after they have successfully reset their passwords
  9. Plus a number of minor bug fixes