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Cloud Drive Mapper 2.4.2

For the latest version of the Cloud Drive Mapper client, download it here.

Important note: Before your upgrade Cloud Drive Mapper across your IT infrastructure, we strongly recommend you to check our knowledge-base for updated documentation, and to briefly test the new client with a small subset of users before deployment. For this release, we specifically recommend you read this documentation on AAD permissions, and follow the instructions accordingly.

Bug fixes:
  1. Cloud Drive Mapper now detect the username in AzureAD Domain Joined scenarios automatically
  2. Issue where browser was suspending at a white screen when logging in has been resolved
  3. An issue where the drive converge process failed when the name contained a non ASCII character  has been resolved
  4. An issue where the drive converge feature was failing due to non-handling of unexpected results from Graph has been resolved
  5. A bug has been fixed where incorrect browser disposal was causing some memory leaks
  6. An issue has been resolved where drives incorrectly registered as blocked and didn’t show correctly in File Explorer
  1. We have implemented a new solution to better handle GraphAPI’s throttling that was occurring in customers with large numbers of users, and/or lots of SharePoint sites and libraries. This has notably increased the reliability that drives will correctly map. NB: For organizations with large numbers of users (>5,000) or SPO libraries (>50): this improvement may lead to a small delay mapping the drives on the first time Cloud Drive Mapper runs after you upgrade. On subsequent logins it will become significantly faster. Please note, this change will also disproportionately affect pilots/tests where the majority of your users are still using an older version. So the test will be slower than the live experience once all users are upgraded. This is because the overall throttling of the MS Graph API will have significantly reduced once you’ve upgraded to 2.4+
  2. We have significantly improved caching to minimise the calls to Graph and speed up the startup process
  3. We’ve upgraded to Chromium NETBrowser
  4. Verbose mode now shows us browser logs for quicker and more in-depth response to issues
  5. Sign-out will now un-map the drives