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changelog – October 2017

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October 2017 – Major Release

Cloud Drive Mapper Version 1.4

Our latest version of CDM (1.4) is now available to download from our resource centre

Fixes and enhancements include:

  • Increased performance of Login times.
  • Administrators now have the ability to control where and what UPN/email/attribute is used to login with.
  • Full Support Server 2016 ADFS 4. We have fixed all known issues which prevent Cloud Drive Mapper (CDM) working with ADFS 4.
  • Fix for a known known bug which was preventing parameters from correctly loading into CDM. This prevented customers from using different attributes to sign in to CDM.
  • Removed ability for the maximum and minimum version numbers. This caused CDM to stop working when CDM was 2 versions out of date.
  • Fix for a known bug that was causing a login loop if the One Drive Account had yet to been provisioned.
  • Added additional logs to support customers when having issues with SAML assertions.
  • Added a header to all requests that CDM is the application connecting to them. This works for on-premises ADFS and IAM Cloud platforms.
  • Added additional support for extended protection. Extended protection can now be fully enabled on on-premises and ADFS.
  • When an IAM Cloud federated user is expected to update their password with the Known Password Reset feature, CDM will no longer be blocked by default.
  • We are treating the CDM authentication as an active authentication so will behave the same as Office and Skype for business.


IAM Cloud Authentication Service – Version 29

A major update to our Authentication Service (29) is due to take place on Tuesday 17th October. This is the first major release to our Generation 3 Platform.

Enhancements and fixes include:

  • Password Resets using our Password services are now instantaneous.
  • Fix to known caching issues causing login attempt failures. We identified that stale cookies from previous attempts to authenticate were being reloaded causing an exception during login. A self-heal capability has been introduced which enforces an auto retry login after clearing down the cookies.
  • Major performance Improvements o Minimising number of calls by a factor of 3 to and from the API. o Introduced a local caching service directly to the server instances. This means that the entire user session is held always on the server so there is no repeated calls to the API and will respond instantaneously from the cache.
  • Introduced the concept of Session ID. This is a cookie that is stored on the client side which will aid future functionality by providing a more performant way to authenticate and load Touchpoints.
  • Introduced advanced Trusted Source capabilities which significantly improves speed of authentication and implementation.
    • Allows for a Smarter and more intelligent way of implementing Trusted source without the need to use our smart link system and multiple redirects or DNS entries.
    • Fully encompasses the ability to use AppID which was introduced in version 28.
  • Session sharing is now enabled by default on our Generation 3 Platform as it was on Generation 2. Our roadmap includes the ability to control this behaviour per Application.
  • Improved some of the variable names to make them more user friendly and keep the URL truncated.
  • Administrators can now modify and update the claims that are being returned during authentication via the portal. This is a major step forward in enabling self service for federating applications to the IAM Cloud platform.
  • Ability to still login to Cloud Drive Mapper while performing a Known Password Reset.