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changelog – November 2016

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IAM Cloud Admin Portal Release 21

New Features

  1. Login Control now has per application control
    Admins can now apply different access controls and set different SSO settings for different applications within the IAM Cloud Admin Portal.
  2. Minimum Self-Service Password Reset methods
    Admins can now set the minimum number of retrieval methods for users to be forced to setup – e.g. 2 – email & security questions.


IAM Cloud Authentication Service 17

New Features & Improvements

  1. Login Control now has per application control
    Login Control, which enables granular access control by O/S, IP & Browser can now be applied on a per-application basis. This allows Admins to apply different access controls and set different SSO settings for different applications.
  2. Application & Tenancy detection
    Ability to detect the Tenancy and Application ID from the query string: IACTenancyID and IACApplicationID parameters, and use them for customer detection and retrieving per-application Login Control data.
  3. Minimum Self-Service Password Reset methods
    Users can now be forced to setup a specifed number of password retrieval methods at the point of login. Admins can set the minimum number of password retrieval mechanisms a user must complete. e.g. An admin could decide they want users to have 2 password retrieval mechanisms enabled – email & security questions. Once enabled, IAM Cloud would collect the requisite information (e.g. their preferred backup email address) from users as they next login. This data can then be used in case of future forgotten passwords.


IAM Cloud Authentication Service 18

New Features & improvements

  1. Improved User Experience During Login Flow
    The improved user experience in the login flow makes it easier to reset passwords and access touchpoints
  2. Seamless sign-on for Chrome
    Automatic single-sign-on for Google Chrome is now fully supported and works exactly the same way as Internet Explorer
  3. Information Texts About SSPR Not Shown During Authentication Flow
    We’ve added explanation texts for single-sign-on alternatives


Portal Release 22

New Features & improvements

  1. Minimum Number of Self Service Password Reset Alternatives
    This means you can ensure that your users complete a specified number of Self Service Password Reset options (for example, ensuring the complete 2 out of the 3 options from SMS text, challenge response questions and alternative email address)
  2. Helpdesk update
    The helpdesk user now has the ability by default to unlock users.