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changelog – March 2016

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Authentication service

  1. Password Policies – This features allows the customer to set policies for passwords that their users will be using.
  2. Authentication with sAMAccountName – allows users to sign in and to other staff like KPR, SSPR, etc. using sAMAccountName instead of email.
  3. Login Control – allows granular control over access to applications from different operating systems, browsers and IP addresses.
    • Support of Edge browser for Windows 10 
    • Other OS section was added in OS list
  4. Branded logout page – now logout page has branded design for each customer.
  5. Custom 403 error page – now in case of 403 error we show IAC standard error page with blue design.
  6. Focus of email and password field when page is loaded.
  7. Fully customized UI is updated and is fully functional.

General fixes

  1. Missing styles on Error page.
  2. SSPR back button click issue on fully customized UIs.
  3. Issue of UI detection with multiple applications.
  4. Some typos and missing texts in MFA screens.

Portal fixes

  1. Dashboard: Sync button issue fix
  2. Password Policies: User Locking
  3. User unlocking from user page
  4. Agent Slots
  5. TouchPoint multimedia support
  6. SalesForce configuration tab – without certificates
  7. Workday Configuration Section
  8. SSPR issue fix
  9. Negative count for unclassified users issue fix
  10. UI changes on the following pages:
    • Dashboard
    • Login Control
    • Touchpoint
  11. Javascript refactoring for the following pages:
    • Login Control
    • Features -> KPR
    • Features -> SSPR
    • Features -> Password Policies
    • Features -> MFA
    • Features -> Biometric