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changelog – late-April 2019

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Authentication Service (version 33) 

This release of our Authentication Service and API is a major release and contains three months of improvements across a range of authentication features. This release has paralleled some important changes we’ve made to our Azure infrastructure following changes to Microsoft’s Azure Global Traffic Managers. In summary, we’ve redesigned the high-level topology of our cloud infrastructure to make better use of Azure’s GTMs in our A/B release process. Now this work is completed we expect to resume our 2 to 3-weekly sprint cycles.

This authentication release is a pre-cursor to a further major service upgrade of our password service scheduled to be released in 2 weeks.

Authentication Service 

Bug fixes:

  • An issue when password reset link is showing but having trouble after returning
  • An issue preventing a number of users from accessing custom password reset interfaces have been resolved
  • An issue with IMAP has been resolved
  • An MFA issue where the internal IP is not preserved when detecting MFA on Outlook 2010 has been resolved
  • An issue with App ID saving on SSGUI has been resolved
  • An issue with a duplicate UI when resending SMS/Emails has been resolved

New Authentication Features:

  • ResetPasswordOnNextLogon is preserved and forces the user through the flow
  • Allow different UI per application
  • Support IP detection on SOAP requests from Office365 by using x-msclient-ip as an option to pass in
  • Public logs now being stored for authentication with relevant header information meaning all authentication requests are fully tracked without IIS Logs into our own persistent table storage
  • Full support for Multi-Language, detected by the accept-language header in browser request


  • Improved performance by removing unused performance counters for NewRelic
  • Database integrity for SSGUI/App link
  • Moved all SSGUI endpoints over to V2 with full unit-test coverage


Bug fixes:

  • An issue with our caching service sometimes not pulling latest records on certain authentication flows has been resolved


  • Support for V2 on SSGUI with unit tests. A complete rewrite to avoid future issues with cross UI loading
  • Ability to install Agent automatically creating the service account against the tenancy
  • Added support for migrations to be fully controlled via the API (start/stop/pause/create batch/re-runs)


  • Removed EDMX to speed up future developement
  • Improved performance on the SSO Login endpoints (more improvements will follow when the next major version of our password service is released)