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changelog – June 2019

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Cloud Drive Mapper 2.3.6

Following the success of our Teams Drive feature in 2.3.3, we’ve now developed a SharePoint Drive on the same basis. SharePoint Drive is a single drive letter that dynamically maps all of the SharePoint document libraries you’re permitted to access into it. For the latest version of the Cloud Drive Mapper client, download it here.

Important note: Before your upgrade Cloud Drive Mapper across your IT infrastructure, we strongly recommend you to check our knowledge-base for updated documentation, and to briefly test the new client with a small subset of users before deployment. For this release, we specifically recommend you read this documentation on AAD permissions, and follow the instructions accordingly.


  • Converged SharePoint Drives for Group & Site libraries (read our knowledge base article on how to enable this)
  • Manage Drives now has a text search and can be filtered to only allow Sites/Teams/SP Groups
  • Converged drives now render after normal drives have been mapped
  • Within the managed drive it will allow you to show the different types of mapped drives, and allow admins to filter out certain types
  • Archived teams no longer appear in the Teams Drive by default

Bugs fixed:

  • When unmapping converged drives it will clear the mount point information
  • On Windows 7 when refreshing explorer it crashed CDM process and waited for timeout on the thread
  • Fixed issue with shared links and CDM interfering with the SharePoint experience with Internet Explorer and occasionally causing login loops
  • When CDM was processing and you hovered on the system tray it changes the display incorrectly
  • When checking SPO permissions with a proxy it was failing to add proxy credentials


  • Significantly reduced the number of logins required when CDM is running, this is paticualrly important with non SSO environments