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changelog – January 2020

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Cloud Drive Mapper 2.5.4 (minor release)

For the latest version of the Cloud Drive Mapper client, download it here.

Important note: Before your upgrade Cloud Drive Mapper across your IT infrastructure, we strongly recommend you to check our knowledge-base for updated documentation, and to briefly test the new client with a small subset of users before deployment.

Bugs fixed:
  1. Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent SSO experience under certain conditions with AzureAD
  2. Fixed an issue where proxy settings were not being preserved when calling SPO for cookie retrieval
  3. Rename the drive label for managed drives now correctly renames first time
  4. Fixed an issue when CDM runs from a non-standard directory it would always ask for Run/Install
  5. Fixed an issue to the install tab ordering causing false positive responses to silent installs
  6. Resolved an issue of exceptions being triggered when translated languages went over 64 characters for bubble notifications
  1. Added OnExitDoNothing registry key to allow in VDI/Citrix environments when using AppLocker to ensure CDM does not block the signout
  2. Multiple improvements to language translations
  3. Minimised the number of refreshes required
  4. Install Directory now put into the registry for context awareness
  5. Improvements to logging and diagnostics
  6. New override system to detect & react to the OneDrive sync client