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changelog – January 2018

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January 2018 – Release

Cloud Drive Mapper 1.5.4

The main focus of this release is improvements in the cookie handling process and the introduction of Folder Redirection.

Improvements and Bug fixes include:

  • Fix for issues where cookies prevent drives from being mapped.
  • Fixes a .NET error when a bad username and password is submitted.
  • Improvements in handling of roaming profiles.
  • NEW FEATURE: Username and Password can now be optionally stored in a password file rather than Credential Manager. With this change a user can now log onto multiple machines with same user credentials.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cloud Drive Mapper now handles Folder Redirection. This is a feature that is disabled by default but can be enabled at anytime.
  • NEW FEATURE: Cloud Drive Mapper now has the ability to load before or in parallel to the desktop allowing better support for desktop redirection.
  • Fixed issue where un-mapping of drives was not being successfully executed on Window 10 machines